Good Way has been established and operating in Hong Kong and Panyu since 1982 which integrates designing and manufacturing. Good Way’s production plant is equipped with the most advanced equipment and machinery required for high quality custom jewellery manufacturing service. Jewellery design and production is an addiction for Good Way, every exquisite jewellery is of high standard of craftsmanship and is crafted to perfection.

Good Way produces jewellery that covers a comprehensive range of prices, designs and special customer needs. We create fashion and stunning exclusive pieces made in silver and gold; all of which are the reflection of a highly diversified range of materials and skills of our very own.

Good Way appreciates and cares for all custom needs of our consumers and cultures in different markets, keeping quality and customer needs on the forefront. Our expertise services different specifications and requirements of our customers, in both OEM and ODM. We ensure that every client receives the same exceptional service categorized by Good Way’s renowned creativity, attention-to-detail, quality and precision.